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RE: st: Reading Statalist efficiently

From   "Joly, Patrick: IASSB" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Reading Statalist efficiently
Date   Fri, 5 May 2006 09:33:47 -0400

Nick Winter wrote,
> I use Eudora, and find it great for Statalist.  I receive Statalist 
> non-digest, and have Eudora set up to filter the many messages to 
> their own mailbox.  The filter is based on the subject line 
> containing "st:" and seems to work well.
> The advantages to filtering the non-digest messages are:
> (1) I can see all the subject lines as individual emails, and thereby 
> choose which to read and which to delete unread
> (2) I can reply to a specific post easily.
> Eudora has the ability to sort by date received, and group by 
> subject, which is close enough to "threaded" for my needs.

Like Nick, sorting by subject line is the closest way I have found to arrive at some ability to sort by thread. (I use Outlook 2003 on Windows, and Kontact on MandrivaLinux.)  However, this allows for only very limited "threading" as messages get served with subject headers as varied as:

RE: st: RE
RE: RE: st
Re: st:
Rép.: st:
Re: st: RE
RE: RE: RE: RE: RE ...

which causes messages to be lumped together based on common prefixes rather than actual subject.

Is there any way for the listserve engine or majordomo to replace the subject header using a regular expression to replies to a message prefixed by a single "RE: st"?

I would be happy to provide some regexes that would achieve this is there is any scope to add such functionality.  This would make reading statalist much more enjoyable with the morning coffee.


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