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Re: st: Combined graphs that overlay

From   n j cox <>
Subject   Re: st: Combined graphs that overlay
Date   Fri, 05 May 2006 13:17:45 +0100

As I understand it, -graph combine- is for juxtaimposition
(this side by side with that) and the || mechanism is for superimposition (this on top of that), and ne'er the twain
shall meet. That is, what Allan wants is (guess, but
moderately informed guess) far too fundamental to be
provided by a tweak to -graph combine-, but more importantly
it would be making it do something way beyond its remit.

Bars on top of maps in principle could be done by
-twoway-. Pies would require more programming.
In practice bars might be tricky, but
I think it could be done. In fact -twoway- is,
whatever, the appearances even more flexible than
-graph, twoway- of Stata <= 7. You can get rid
of the axes altogether, so that means you can put
almost anything anywhere.


Allan Reese

I've tried a couple of times to overlay different types of graph, and not come up with a satisfactory solution. The low level commands of Stata 7 could be programmed to do this, but "graph combine" allows only for graphs to butt against each other. One example would be to place pies or barcharts at X-Y positions to make a simple map.

a) Is there an obvious solution I've overlooked?

b) Do other users see a general need?

c) Could it be implemented as an option to combine? Maybe: at(graphno r c xscale yscale) where r and c refer to absolute position in the plotting area (see help gph). Eg

graph combine gr1 gr2 gr3, at(1 23063 0 .5 1) at(2 23063 16001 .5 1) at(3 11531 20001 .1 .1)
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