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Re: st: math fonts/symbols

From   Alan Neustadtl <>
Subject   Re: st: math fonts/symbols
Date   Sat, 12 Nov 2005 10:07:51 -0500

FWIW, I purchased the mathtype equation editor and keep it current and
have never had any problems with it.  I do produce large documents
with lots of equations.


On 11/11/05, Kit Baum <> wrote:
> Leny suggested MathType to Suzy. Note that M$ Word's Equation Editor
> is "MathType Lite": Microsoft licenses a light version of MathType as
> Equation Editor for Word. Both MathType and EE have the same problems
> with updates: every update of Word and/or MathType makes life more
> than miserable (believe me, I have a few colleagues who have been
> badly bitten by this).
> The other unsavory feature for those who might contemplate producing
> a reasonably large document with a fair amount of equations in Word/
> EE should ensure that their life insurance covers death by suicide.
> With such a document, the probability that Word will crash approaches
> unity. Put enough of those EE / MathType graphic objects into your
> document, and Word will croak, leaving the file in a corrupted state.
> Yes, I have seen this happen to colleagues' 60-page papers (some of
> which had to be retyped from scratch) and, worse yet, to PhD
> candidates' final dissertation drafts. Thankfully now most of the PhD
> candidates have seen the light and avoid Word/EE like the plague.
> A clarification: in my prior message the example math should be $\hat
> {y} = \hat{beta}_0 + \hat {\beta}_1$
> I had an extra } in the posting.  { } are used to surround arguments;
> i.e. {\bf This is Bold} means just that.
> One other very attractive feature of LaTeX for Stata users: since
> LaTeX is a simple text markup language, like HTML or XML, it can
> readily be created by Stata ado-files. A number of ado-files give you
> the option to produce camera-ready tables from Stata output: e.g. Ben
> Jann's estout, presented in the latest issue of the Stata Journal. No
> fussing around copying and pasting Stata output to Word or Excel!
> UCLA's excellent Stata website have many references to Stata tools
> for LaTeX; findit latex within Stata will display the list.
> Kit Baum, Boston College Economics
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