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Re: st: too many menus message

From (Alan Riley)
Subject   Re: st: too many menus message
Date   Wed, 28 Sep 2005 08:13:50 -0500

Allan Garland ( asked about the number of items
allowed in Stata's programmable menus.  James Muller
( and Chinh Nguyen (
suggested some workarounds for him.  I have one more suggestion.

I assume that Allan is using the menus to link to various dialogs.
rather than using the menu system to link to single dialogs, Allan
could use the menu system to link to help files which contained
pages of links to dialogs.  For example, Allan could have a help
file which looked like

       Linear Models and Related
           Linear regression *
           Regression diagnostics
               Specification tests, etc.
               Added-variable plot
               Component-plus-residual plot
               Analysis of variance and covariance
               Test linear hypotheses after anova
               Specification tests after anova
               One-way ANOVA
               Large one-way ANOVA
           Box-Cox regression
           Errors-in-variables regression

Asy ou can see, this looks like an excerpt from Stata's "Statistics"
menu, but Allan could use whatever organization worked best for him.
The help file would use SMCL's {dialog} tag to make it such that
when the user clicked on, say, "One-way ANOVA", Stata would launch
the dialog box for -oneway-:

               {dialog oneway:One-way ANOVA}

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