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Re: st: too many menus message

Subject   Re: st: too many menus message
Date   Tue, 27 Sep 2005 23:55:48 -0500

Allan Garland <> wrote:

> I've been heavily customizing the dropdown "User" menu.  I added a few 
> more entries today (bringing me up to 282 menu items in my 
> file) and started getting an error message "too many menus (limit of 
> 1000)".  Since I don't have anywhere near 1000 lines in my 
> file, I'm mystified.  What's going on.  It leads me to error code 
> r(1000) but in that error code I can't seem to locate a limit on the # 
> of menus. 

The limitation of 1000 menu items sounds about right.  What you may not know
is that Stata's Graphics, Data Management, and Statistics menus are included
in the limit because they are dynamically created when Stata is launched
through menu resource files.  This allows us to modify those menus through an
ado-file update rather than an executable update (which happens less
frequently) and keep the menus in sync with all the platforms we support.

So if you're able to create up to 282 menu items, then Stata has already
created 718.  As Stata adds more commands and dialogs for those commands, you
may even have less available menu items to you in the future.

We'll look into the possibility of increasing the limit of the number of menu
items.  However, there will always be a fixed limit due to memory usage
(unused menu items are wasteful since they take away memory that would be
available to data) and operating system limitations.

282 is an awful lot and Stata already has (most likely) the most extensive
menus of any application.  I would think you could cut that number down by
creating tabbed dialogs.

-Chinh Nguyen
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