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Re: st: too many menus message

From   Allan Garland <>
Subject   Re: st: too many menus message
Date   Wed, 28 Sep 2005 00:25:40 -0400


Thanks for the prompt reply. Actually I don't have that many actual menus -- only a dozen or so menus (or submenus) with a number of commands in each one. So, I've written a bunch of .ado files that either perform functions not currently in Stata, or more commonly that "daisy chain" a number of already existing Stata commands (e.g. run several different tests of normality with a single command). The reason I prefer this to typing in command syntax is that I then don't have to remember what I called all of these many dozens of custom commands. The menu/submenu structure lets me easily keep track of them (for example I have created a couple dozen custom routines to do various portions of regression diagnostics). So, actually, while there are 200-odd total items in my file, there are really only about a dozen actual menus within the "User" dropdown menu item on the toolbar.

So, any ideas for why I'm getting this error message?


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