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Re: st: changing beta coefficients

From   Lars Kroll <>
Subject   Re: st: changing beta coefficients
Date   Thu, 14 Apr 2005 10:25:33 +0200

Peter Haan schrieb:

dear stata list,

I have the following question:

Is it possibe to change the estimated vector of beta coefficients by hand.
I want to predict with a slightly different beta vector than the estimated,
The idea is to replace the estimated vector e(b) by an artificial e(b*) and then to use the command pred,
however, as far as I know I cannot change e(b).

thanks for your help,

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Hello Peter,

try this:

sysuse auto,clear

regress price headroom

matrix __b= e(b)

svmat __b

matrix list __b

* New effect of headroom = b(headroom)/2
* b2 is _cons

gen myprice = __b2 + (__b1/2)* headroom


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