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Re: st: Trouble with Win XP/Office XP

From   "rollanders" <>
Subject   Re: st: Trouble with Win XP/Office XP
Date   Sat, 23 Aug 2003 08:10:41 -0000

This has happened to me a couple of times when starting Word. I
suspect it has to do with my firewall program (Zone Alarm) blocking
some process.

Roland Andersson

> I am experiencing a rather odd problem with Stata/SE 8 on Windows
XP. I contacted Stata Tech Support, of course, but they could not
> The problem is as follows: Sometimes, Stata cannot be started up.
To be precise, Stata actually starts up (i.e. wsestata.exe is listed
under "Processes" in windows task manager and windows cannot be shut
down before wsestata.exe is terminated manually) but no Stata windows
appear (furthermore, stata cannot be run in batch mode). The only
thing to do is to restart the computer (often several times) until
Stata suddendly starts working properly again. The problem occures on
both computers I'm using (Dell Dimension 8250; Dell Latitude D800).
This isn't really surprising, however, since both computers have been
set up by the same people (local tech support) and, except for some
machine specific details, the systems are basically identical.

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