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Re: st: Repeated names in a string variable, but some have typos. How to correct?

From   "Dimitriy V. Masterov" <[email protected]>
To   Statalist <[email protected]>
Subject   Re: st: Repeated names in a string variable, but some have typos. How to correct?
Date   Fri, 4 Apr 2014 11:26:10 -0700


If I understood your problem, you can try something like this using
Julian Reif's strgroup:

ssc install strgroup
bys city: strgroup street_name, gen(group) threshold(0.25)

  city                street_name   number~s   group
       A          Rua Santos Dumont       1200       1
       A         Rua Santos Dummont         30       1
       A           Rua Satos Dumont          3       1
       A                 Rua Bandim         60       2
       B   Rua Pedro Alvares Cabral       4000       3
       B   Rua Pedro Alvaers Cabral          3       3
       B   Rue Pedro Alvares Cabral          1       3
       B   Av. Pedro Alvares Cabral         20       3
       B                  Rua other         45       4

This relies on the city name having a single correct spelling. If
that's not the case, you can apply this strategy to the city name
first. It won't work with nick names (Frisco for San Francisco, to
give a US example).

You will want to play around with the threshold to match it to you
tolerance for different types of misclassification.


On Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 8:29 AM, Lucas Ferreira Mation
<[email protected]> wrote:
> statalisters,
> I have a large addresses database, identifying street_names,  street_number
> and city, which I need to collapse by street_name and city. Because the
> street_names can have some typos for some street_numbers, when I collapse
> some streets appear duplicated within cities (see example bellow)
> Duplicated street_names between cities would be OK.
> Is there a command to do some sort of probabilistic/fuzzy string comparison
> among the rows of a string variable (similar to what reclink does but
> with-in the variable)?
> The dataset is quite large, after collapsing I get 2.3 million
> cit-street_name pairs. So I need a smart way to go about it.
> *Example of the data after collapsing:
> clear
> input str1 city str24 street_name number_of_obs
> "A" "Rua Santos Dumont" 1200
> "A" "Rua Santos Dummont" 30
> "A" "Rua Satos Dumont" 3
> "A" "Rua Bandim" 60
> "B" "Rua Pedro Alvares Cabral" 4000
> "B" "Rua Pedro Alvaers Cabral" 3
> "B" "Rue Pedro Alvares Cabral" 1
> "B" "Av. Pedro Alvares Cabral" 20
> "B" "Rua other"  45
> end
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