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Re: st: Vuong test for nested linear models

From   Greenfish Wu <>
To   "" <>
Subject   Re: st: Vuong test for nested linear models
Date   Sun, 9 Feb 2014 13:24:44 -0800 (PST)

Thank you very much John! That's very helpful!


On Sunday, February 9, 2014 2:35 PM, John Antonakis <> wrote:


You don't need a Vuong test here. Because you are adding one parameter, 
the test of b3 = 0 is the test you want. That is simply the test of the 
significance of the parameter estimate. This is equivalent to the nested 

sysuse auto
nestreg : reg price (mpg) (weight)

The F-change test for adding weight is equivalent to the t-test^2 of the 
parameter, i.e.,

dis (_b[weight]/_se[weight])^2

You can still use the lrtest after OLS.

reg price mpg
est store one
reg price mpg weight
est store two
lrtest one two



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On 09.02.2014 19:33, Cindy wrote:
> Hi, do anyone know how to do Vuong test (Vuong 1989) for model 
selection of
> two nested linear models in Stata? It seems that people use Vuong test
> mostly for non-nested models. But Vuong (1989) covers both nested and
> non-nested models. Following are my two models:
> Model 1: Y=a0+a1X1+a2X2+e
> Model 2: Y=b0+b1X1+b2X2+b3X3+v
> Both models are OLS regressions. I need to test how significant the
> incremental adjusted R2 in model 2 is from adding X3 (my variable of
> interest) to model 1.
> Also, it seems that a likelihood ratio test could be used to test nested
> models, too. But when I looked up the code in stata (lrtest), it says 
> it’s applicable for maximum likelihood models only.
> Thank you very much!!
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