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st: Paste values of scalar in observation (bootstrap)

From   Camila Mendes <>
Subject   st: Paste values of scalar in observation (bootstrap)
Date   Wed, 16 Oct 2013 10:02:05 -0300

Hi everyone:

I need help to paste bootstraped coefficients and their lower and
upper 95% CI in new variables to produce graphs.

I tried the code below. It looks like scalars are retrieved with
sucess, but I am not able to paste them into specific observations
when using replace.

Can anyone help me?



---- begin of do-file ----
clear all
forvalues j=0/1{
foreach l in P2 P3 P4 {
use `l'_per_`j', clear
set seed 1
reg estimate xaxis
predict yhat
gen yhat_bs=yhat
gen ll_95per=.
gen ul_95per=.
local N = _N
foreach i in 1/11 { //number of time periods to be predicted
bootstrap pred=(_b[_cons] + _b[xaxis]*`i'), reps(1000) seed(1): reg
estimate xaxis
matrix b=e(b)
scalar sb=b[1,1]
matrix ci_normal=e(ci_normal)
local par=b[1,1]
local ll=ci_normal[1,1]
local ul=ci_normal[2,1]
replace yhat_bs=`par' if xaxis==`i'
replace ll_95per=`ll' if xaxis==`i'
replace ul_95per=`ul' if xaxis==`i'
save `l'_per_`j'_lin_trend, replace
---- end of do-file ----
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