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Re: st: Connecting to Internet

From   Sergiy Radyakin <>
To   "" <>
Subject   Re: st: Connecting to Internet
Date   Mon, 7 Oct 2013 20:30:54 -0400

George, try other sites to see if the problem is related to
in particular, or any site.
For example:
net from
should give you a link to the -fileop- package.

If the problem is with -> contact StataCorp.

Second, try to read individual files from the browser, for example:

If no site can be reached from Stata, make sure there are no proxies
specified if they are not to be used.

If some files can't be acquired, check out the commands listed here:

You should get the lines like:
looking up host...
opening connection (local)...
contacting host...
requesting link...

Give us some more info: did it work before? what happened then? etc

Finally, it could be what it is: server does not contain information
you requested or does not want to respond (e.g. banned you). When you
just type -net- as a command what do you expect to happen? It will
make a query, but to some address which is not clearly obvious. To
make it obvious, type net query. Specify -net from YOURADDRESS- to be
exact and avoid implicit parameters.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

On Mon, Oct 7, 2013 at 6:36 PM, George Shoukry <> wrote:
> Hello,
> My Stata refuses to do anything that requires internet access. The
> error I get is r(676) (server refused request to send). For example:
> Command: net
> Output:
> server refused request to send
> either
>   1)  is not a valid URL, or
>   2)  could not be contacted, or
>   3)  is not a Stata download site (has no stata.toc file).
> r(676);
> Yes, I read the FAQ ( I am
> using my home network (I have an internet connection password), no
> proxies, and I have no firewall. I disabled the my virus checkers,
> whitelisted Stata in Windows firewall, and even disabled Windows
> firewall completely. There's nothing that should be blocking Stata
> from accessing the internet. Any help would be appreciated.
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