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st: Filling mata results in a matrix‏‏

From   "Sobott, Jonas" <>
Subject   st: Filling mata results in a matrix‏‏
Date   Mon, 7 Oct 2013 15:18:34 +0200

Dear Statalist,

I have a problem with filling results from a mata function into matrix. I want to loop over 6 regions and 10 sectors, perform for each a mata function (see above) and store the result in a matrix. To do so, I created to scalars from the loop variables (row_mata and column_mata) to tell mata where to put the results.

However, all I get is the sub_matriy(): 3301 subscript invalid, <istmt>: - function returned error

clear all
V = J(6,10,.)

forvalues j = 1/6 {

forvalues i=1/10{
use master2
scalar columns_mata = `i'
scalar row_mata = `j'
quietly: drop if missing(sector_num)
quietly: keep if sector_num == `i'
quietly: xtset entity_num date, daily delta(7)
quietly: keep entity_num sector_num date  newtrades
quietly: reshape wide  newtrades, i(entity_num) j(date)
quietly: xpose, clear
quietly: drop if v1 + v2 == 2* `i'
quietly: recode _all (missing =0)
quietly: corr _all
quietly: matrix X = r(C)
mata sub_matriy()


void sub_matriy()
D = st_matrix("X")
r = st_numscalar("row_mata")
o = st_numscalar("columns_mata")
V[r,o] = mean(select(vech(D), vech(D) :< 1))
mata mosave sub_matriy(), replace

Thank you very much!

Best regards
Jonas Sobott
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