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Re: st: Fwd: Constructing Household IDs

From   Andrea Smurra <>
Subject   Re: st: Fwd: Constructing Household IDs
Date   Wed, 30 Jan 2013 15:07:30 +0630

Thanks to all,

Nigussie, your method is definitely the most creative as it does not require anything more than gen and some algebra, thanks for your support.
I ended up following Chamara method using the following command

gen str3 z=string(x, "%003,0f")

and then

gen hhid=state+district +...

Problem solved,
Thank you all very much


Il 30/01/2013 14:20, nigussie Tefera ha scritto:
Dear Andrea,
Suppose each of them stand with a three digits identifiers, i.e. state has a maximum of three digits numerical values and so no. Simply, suppose you have 343 for sss, 213 for DDD, 567 for TTT … and at last you have 143 for HHH. So if you want to generate unique household id identifier of the form 343213567143, you can write the following simple command.
gen double hhid=10^9*sss+10^6*DDD+10^3*TTT+HHH
Note that 10^”x” could vary depending on the number of maximum digits that either of them have....

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From: Chamara Anuranga <>
Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2013 10:23 AM
Subject: Re: st: Fwd: Constructing Household IDs

check all identifier variable and check the maximum length.
state may be maximum 2 digits
district may be 3 digits etc.
add leading zeros to id variables base on maximum number

format state %02.0f
format district %03.0f

here % to represent format, 0 to represent leading zero and .0 is no
decimal places and f mean fix format

then convert the variable to string.

tostring state district,replace usedis

then combine each string part using generate command
gen hhid=state+district


On Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 12:27 PM, Andrea Smurra
<> wrote:
Hello Statalists,
I am working with an household survey which doesn't have household IDs.
Each household is identified by a series of variables (State, district,
township, ..., household number).
Within each state, the numbering of districts always starts from the integer
1, the same for towns within each district and so on up to the household in
each ward.
I tried to build unique HH identifier with the command "group", but I'd like
to build a HH ID which looks like SSSDDDTTT...HHH
where SSS is the state identifier (with the correct number of zeros appended
when necessary (i don't know how to do it)), DDD is the District identifier
and so on. I'm using STATA 12 for windows 7. I'm sure it will be an easy
task for an expert statalist, but I am still a beginner.

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