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st: Fw: Foreach loop for graphs: ylabel & legend box

From   Jacob Järås <>
Subject   st: Fw: Foreach loop for graphs: ylabel & legend box
Date   Thu, 10 Jan 2013 17:19:25 +0100

Dear Stata list members,

I'm experiencing certain difficulties in parts of the code below when I 
try to create an automated process for producing graphs.
I'm trying to plot incidence and mortality for various types of cancer by 
icd7 for both men and women in the same graph. 
Altogether there are about 50 graphs.

The first problem that I encounter is that when I'm making a graph of, for 
example, prostate cancer, the labels of women appear in the plot region.
I'd like to show only the labels of men and have the labels of women 
removed automatically, since there isn't and line corresponding to it in 
the graph. 
Similarly, the same happens whenever there is a type of cancer that only 
occurs to women. The labels of men are shown in the plot region 
as well as the labels of women and I'd like to remove the labels of men.

The second issue that I'm trying to solve has to do with the range of the 
values on the axis of y since the number of new cases per year depends 
very much on the type of cancer.
I want to reserve space on the upper left corner of the plot region for 
the legend box, for consistency. I try to make this happen by using the 
"Suggest # of ticks" in "Axis properties". 
Apparently this doesn't work very well because it seems like whenever 
there is a decreasing trend, there just isn't enough space for both, the 
legend and the lines, at the same time, since the time series 
trend line start on the same area where I have the legend box. The result 
is that a part of the beginning of the line end up hidden behind/under the 
legend box. 
So I'd like to find a way to reserve space or a portion of the height of 
the graph on "ring(0) position(11)" without having any trend lines hidden 
below the legend box, regardless of where the line begins.

If anyone have suggestions or ideas on the above it would be greatly 

levelsof icd7, local(levels) 
local j=2

foreach i of local levels {
graph twoway (line inc year if sex==1 & filter==1 & icd7==`i', 
color(black) lwidth(vthin) lpattern(solid)) || ///
        (line inc year if sex==2 & filter==1 & icd7==`i', color(black) 
lwidth(medthick) lpattern(solid)) || ///
        (line mort year if sex==1 & filter==1 & icd7==`i', color(black) 
lwidth(medthin) lpattern(longdash))  || ///
        (line mort year if sex==2 & filter==1 & icd7==`i', color(black) 
lwidth(medthick) lpattern(dash)), ///
legend(size(small) color(black) position(11) ring(0) cols(1) 
region(lcolor(white)) symxsize(10) rowgap(.3) ///
        label(1 "Incidence men") label(2 "Incidence women") label(3 
"Mortality men") label(4 "Mortality women")) ///
xlabel(1955(5)2015, labsize(small)) xtitle("Year",size(medsmall) 
margin(small)) ///
ylabel(#12, labsize(small) format(%3.0f) angle(horizontal) grid gmin gmax 
        glwidth(thin) glcolor(gs13) glpattern(longdash)) ///
ytitle("per 100 000", size(medsmall) margin(small)) 
graphregion(color(white)) ///
caption("{it:Figure `j'a: `:lab (icd7) `i''}", size(medsmall))
graph save "Path\Figure `j'a - `:lab (icd7) `i''.gph", replace
local j=`j'+1 

Thank you very much

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