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st: Re: help with STATA macros

From   Nick Cox <>
Subject   st: Re: help with STATA macros
Date   Sun, 6 Jan 2013 10:36:05 +0000

There are several mistakes here. I don't believe your assertion that
your syntax works with commands other than -sdtest- and -ttest-.  The
several problems with your code don't arise from how either test
command works.

1. "a-d" could not be the name of a local macro

2. Even if it could you have not defined it.

3. -foreach- supports -of varlist- but -in varlist- means something
different and is almost always going to be wrong.

4. You don't include a reference to `var' within the loop for the
second example, which is necessary for your problem.

foreach var in a b d  {
        ttest `var', by(c)

should work.

For more complicated examples,

foreach var of varlist <varlist> {
     ttest `var', by(c)

is a possible form.


NB: advice in Statalist about not sending to active people and on the
spelling of "Stata".

On Sun, Jan 6, 2013 at 10:22 AM, Sprindzuk Matvey <> wrote:

> I need to run ttest in STATA on many variables (a, b, c, d) in a foreach
> loop
> I try:
> foreach var in varlist `a-d'{
> ttest `var', by(c)
> }
> and
> foreach var of in varlist `a-d'{
> ttest `a-d', by(c)
> }
> But these code patterns work well only with some other tests, but not with
> ttest and sdtest.
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