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st: New package on ssc: Multileveltools (mlt)

From   Katja Möhring <>
Subject   st: New package on ssc: Multileveltools (mlt)
Date   Sat, 5 Jan 2013 11:48:37 +0100

We like to announce a new package available at ssc:


ssc install mlt

to download the package.

     'MLT': module providing different tools for multilevel modeling


      The mlt package contains some postestimation commands for
      hierarchical mixed models (xtmixed, xtmelogit and xtmepoisson)
      and some other tools useful  for typical tasks in multilevel

         mltrsq: explained variance in multilevel models.
            mltrsq computes the Bosker/Snijders and Bryk/Raudenbush R-
            squared  values for mixed models with two levels (xtmixed

         mlt2stage: Two-stage/slopes as outcomes multilevel models.
            Computes two-stage (or slopes as outcomes) results for linear
            and logistic regression models. These models provide an alternative
            to random effects multilevel models as they include only
fixed effects.
            Together wit mltl2scatter you can produces graphical
presentations of the estimates.

         mltl2scatter: bivariate scatter plots for higher-level units.
            mltl2scatter is an easy way to produce scatter plots for
            units. Together with mlt2stage it can be used to plot
estimated coefficients
            of the two-stage models against third variables.

         mltcooksd: Outlier detection in multilevel models
            Computes the influence measures Cook's D and DFBETAs
            for higher level units  in hierarchical mixed models
            (postestimation for xtmixed, xtmelogit and xtmepoisson).

         mltshowm: postestimation for mltcooksd
            shows  models excluding influential cases after mltcooksd.

      Requires: Stata version 12

      Distribution-Date: 20130101

      Author: Katja Moehring, University of Cologne
      Support: email

      Author: Alexander Schmidt, University of Cologne
      Support: email

Keywords: Mutilevel models, xtmixed, xtmelogit, xtmepoisson, mixed
models, r-squared, r-square, Bosker Snijders, Bryk Raudenbush, Cook's
two-stage, slopes as outcomes, explained variance, influential cases,
outliers, influence measures, R2,  regression diagnostics,

Thanks for using our package. Please report bugs and problems!

Best regards,
Alexander and Katja
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