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Re: st: Do the symbols lorted in -[G-4] text- have consistent Unicodes?

From   John Luke Gallup <>
Subject   Re: st: Do the symbols lorted in -[G-4] text- have consistent Unicodes?
Date   Tue, 30 Oct 2012 14:50:59 -0700


I have written -outreg- to be able to use all the Greek letters and any other Unicode symbol in RTF documents.  You can see the documentation if you download -outreg- (-ssc install outreg, replace) and type -help frmt_opts##greek- on the Stata command line.  SMCL tags are different from the RTF codes, so if you want to allow users to include all the SMCL tags, you will need to translate them into RTF codes in your program.  Instead, in -outreg- I have the users insert the Unicode codes directly, which is more flexible.  

-outreg- also allows insertion of most symbols into TeX documents.

You can find an example of how to insert Greek letters and other symbols into -outreg- tables by typing -help outreg_complete##xmpl12- at the Stata command line.

If you have any questions about how I implemented these symbols in the -outreg- code, get in touch.


On Oct 30, 2012, at 1:04 PM, "Roger B. Newson" <> wrote:

> I have a query about the Greek letters and math symbols available  in Stata graphics, and listed in -[G-4] text- under "Full list of SMCL tags useful in graph text". Do these have Unicode numbers consistent between operating environments? Or do they correspond to different Unicodes in different operating environments, and/or even look a bit different between Windows, Unix and MacOS?
> I ask because I would like, ideally, to be able to use them in automatically-generated tables (or maybe even in automatically generated text) in automatically-generated RTF documents, such as the ones produced using my own SSC package -rtfutil-. I can look up individual Greek letters on the Unicode site at
> but I would prefer to be able to insert, at will, all the symbols available in Stata graphs, especially when presenting the same information as a plot and as a table in the same document. I haven't managed (so far) to find any information on this kind of thing on -help undocumented-.
> Best wishes
> Roger
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