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st: mi impute chained error messages

From   chong shiauyun <>
To   <>
Subject   st: mi impute chained error messages
Date   Mon, 22 Oct 2012 08:18:03 +0800

Hi there
I was doing a dryrun for my imputation model using 'mi impute chained". My outcome of interest is Total IQ, which is a continous variable. I censored the score of Total IQ in between 45 and 151 by generating a lower limit ll(lTIQ) and a upper (uPIQ). I was also thinking to put verbal IQ and performance IQ, which are also censored, into the imputation model. In my imputation model, I used different methods including mlogit, logit, intereg, and regression. I also inserted a few interaction terms, which are new variables that I created. When I specify (intreg) for Total IQ, verbal IQ, and Performance IQ, I received error message that interval regression can only take one new variable. I tried again with only Total IQ in my interval regression, but Stata error message said the ll and ul are invalid. Can anyone please help?

Thanks in advance.

These are my codes:
mi impute chained (reg) kb711 kb712 kb713 kb714 kb715 kb716 kb717 kb718 kb719 kb720 birthweight gestation mumage tempcat:tempcat*wlc tempcatclc:tempcat*clc pvlwlc:pvl*wlc pvlclc:pvl*clc 
(mlogit, augment) ke015 ke016 ke017 kg255 kf323
(logit, augment) sex ethnicity alcpreg3 smkpreg marist findiff hhcrowd
(intreg) TIQ
, add(20) ll(lTIQ) ul(uTIQ) rseed (11349730) burnin(50) chainonly savetrace(impstats) dryrun report

Shiau Yun Chong
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