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Re: st: Outreg for asclogit

From   John Luke Gallup <>
Subject   Re: st: Outreg for asclogit
Date   Tue, 2 Oct 2012 21:39:51 -0700


-outreg- (and probably -outreg2- and -estout-) don't handle marginal effects after -asclogit- because the results are saved in a very non-standard format.

-estat mfx-, which is only for use after -asclogit- saves the marginal effects in r() matrices named after the logit categories.

Things you can't do in -outreg- you can still do with a bit of work with -frmttable-, which is the formatting engine distributed with -outreg-.

The following code creates an -outreg- compatible table (which can be merged, etc.) showing the marginal effects with t-statistics below them and asterisks for significance.

First I calculate the marginal effects:

webuse choice, clear
asclogit choice dealer, case(id) alternatives(car) casevars(sex income)
estat mfx, at(sex=0 dealer=1)

Then I create a Stata matrix holding the marginal effects and t-stats (`b') and an indicator matrix for where the stars go (`stars', using the mata command).  These are passed to -frmttable- to create a Word table (or TeX table) with the results.

tempname b stars
loc ctitl `""","""'
forvalues i = 1/`e(k_alt)' {
	tempname b`i'
	mat `b`i'' = r(`e(alt`i')')
	mat `b' = (nullmat(`b'), `b`i''[.,1..1], `b`i''[.,3..3])
	mat `stars' = (nullmat(`stars'), `b`i''[.,4..4])
	loc ctitl `"`ctitl' ,`e(alt`i')'"'
mata: st_matrix("`stars'", (abs(st_matrix("`stars'")):<0.05) + ///
frmttable using ascmfx, statmat(`b') substat(1)	///
	annotate(`stars') asymbol("*","**") ctitle(`ctitl') ///
	replace note("* p<0.05; ** p<0.01")

You could adapt this to report standard errors, p-values, or change the stars, etc. if you want.  
Here's the table:

                                                              American   Japan    Europe  
                                         dealer    American     0.02*     -0.01    -0.00  
                                                               (2.29)*   (-2.34)  (-1.66) 
                                                   Japan       -0.01*     0.02     -0.00  
                                                               (-2.34)   (1.83)   (-1.03) 
                                                   Europe       -0.00     -0.00    0.01   
                                                               (-1.66)   (-1.03)  (1.30)  
                                         casevars  sex*         0.03      -0.16    0.13   
                                                               (0.38)*   (-2.03)  (1.76)  
                                                   income      -0.01**    0.01     0.00   
                                                               (-2.95)   (1.96)   (1.14)  
                                                        * p<0.05; ** p<0.01


On Oct 2, 2012, at 1:38 PM, Wameq Raza <> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I was wondering if anyone could kindly tell me if there's a way to get
> the marginal effects of a asclogit model that I'm running
> into a table using outreg.
> More specifically, I'm generating the marginal effects using: estat
> mfx, var (variables); i'm doing this for both alt specific and
> case specific vars.
> Any help would be much appreciated!
> Best
> Wameq
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