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Re: st: weights with Gaussian Kernel in lpoly, Stata 11

From   Nicolas Debarsy <>
Subject   Re: st: weights with Gaussian Kernel in lpoly, Stata 11
Date   Wed, 29 Aug 2012 14:59:34 +0200

Hello Nick,
Thanks a lot for your quick answer.
Can you get results with the Gaussian Kernel ?
Le 29/08/2012 14:48, Nick Cox a écrit :
I can reproduce this with Stata 12. I suggest contacting Stata tech support.


On Wed, Aug 29, 2012 at 10:18 AM, Nicolas Debarsy <> wrote:
Dear Statalist users,

In a nonparametric regression using the lpoly command, I would like to put
different weights on observations.
However, when I want to use the Gaussian Kernel, I get the following error:

              cross():  3200  conformability error
   _lpoly_work():     -  function returned error
             <istmt>:     -  function returned error

For all the other kernels, the option [aw] runs.
Could you tell me if there is something special with the Gaussian kernel or
if it is a bug in the lpoly ?
I'm using Stata 11.

Here is the code I used:

set obs 300
drawnorm x3 e
gen x32=x3^2
gen y=x3+2*x32+e
gen d=uniform()
lpoly y x3 [aw=d], kernel(gaussian)
lpoly y x3 [aw=d], kernel(epan2)

Already many thanks for your answer.
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