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Re: st: foreach loop

From   Nick Cox <>
To   "" <>
Subject   Re: st: foreach loop
Date   Sun, 5 Aug 2012 04:44:38 +0100

Look again at the allowed syntaxes for -foreach- in the help.

You can go

foreach x in 1/4 {

but then the next line will be interpreted as

codebook ... if m_marks == 1/4

which is illegal.

You could go (e.g.)

local X 1 2 3 4
foreach x of local X {


foreach x of num 1/4 {

but you won't get any unpacking of a list of values with

foreach ... in ... {

as it takes the elements of your list as you type them and 1/4 is a single element that is illegal as applied.

See also my tutorial in SJ 2(2): 202-222 (2002).


On 5 Aug 2012, at 03:03, Lisa Wang <> wrote:

Hi all,

Can someone please teach me as to why this is invalid:

local x 1 2 3 4
foreach x in 1/4 {
codebook a* if m_marks==`x'
tab a* if m_marks==`x'

I have been learning Stata for only a month, so any suggestions would
be greatly appreciated. Or how to do it more elegantly would be great
as well.

I have 4 categories for m_marks only and I wanted to use a local to
loop over the codebook and tab functions for each category, instead of
typing it out 4 times.

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