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Thanks very much for the commendation.
-tabplot- is from SSC. You don't cite the exact command you gave but
at a guess what is biting you is a limit on what you can do with
-twoway-. But my guess is that you are trying to use its -separate()-
option to get separate colours for each of your categories. That can
only lead to an extraordinary mess! The default with -tabplot- is that
categories are distinguished by axis labels and 20 categories on one
or both variables are no problem. -separate()- is intended only for
special cases, such as highlighting a subset.
I really need to see your exact syntax to advise well here.
On Sat, Jul 7, 2012 at 9:01 PM, Beede, David N <[email protected]> wrote:
> I am trying to use -tabplot- with 20 industry categories (which also happens
to be the maximum permitted number of categories for the command according
to the help file), but I get an error message that I have too many options (the
default maximum number of options is 70 in Stata).  On the Stata FAQs, I see
that one can get around the 70 option limit by using the * option in the -syntax-
command (as in syntax[, opt1 opt2...*]), and when I took a peek at the -tabplot-
ado file there indeed was a * at the end of syntax[].  So I am a bit puzzled why
I get the error message.  Any thoughts?
> And I want to convey a heartfelt thank-you to Nick Cox for -tabplot- and everything else he has generously shared with us Statans. :)
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