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Re: st: how to set colors in a .scheme file using -colorstyle- syntax

From   Paolo Bonaiuti <>
Subject   Re: st: how to set colors in a .scheme file using -colorstyle- syntax
Date   Fri, 22 Jun 2012 14:40:56 +0200

I did it by myself, but I post here a possible answer:
the command -palette color- displays the RGB code for the color you ask for.

in this way I built a .scheme file with the various -teal*#intensity-
coded in RGB way.


2012/6/20, Paolo Bonaiuti <>:
> dear statalisters,
> first of all: thanks everybody for your work here: I use your answers
> since my first day with Stata, and they've been really helpful.
> then, the question.
> overview:
> i am a Stata 9.2/SE, Windows XP/Professional user.
> I'm producing lots of survival graphs using -sts graph- or -ltable,
> graph-, and I use many times the same -by- options.
> I would like my graphs to use the same colors when the same variable
> is in the -by-.
> since -ltable- and -sts graph- seem to have different syntax for
> colors, I decided to make a scheme, called -age-, to be used as
> -ltable timevar eventvar, graph scheme(age)- and so on.
> The scheme sounds like this:
> -------------------------------------- scheme-age.scheme
> ----------------------
> #include s2color
> color p1      teal
> color p2      teal*.8
> color p3      teal*.6
> color p4   and so on..
> -----------------------------------------------------
> since there are so many graphs to be drawn, I want my colors to be the
> same but with different intensity, so I'm not going to end up all the
> available colors with a name.
> the problem:
> the syntax -colorname*intensity- does not work in a scheme file!
> I tried with rgb syntax (namely: color p1  "110 142 132") and it
> works, butwhen I add the instensity multiplicator it stops working.
> I'd appreciate also to use the CMYK syntax, so I can change the
> brightness with the blacK factor, but I don't know how to tell my
> -scheme- to use CMYK syntax.
> I hope the problem is clear.
> Could anybody help me?
> Thanks in advance,
> Paolo Bonaiuti
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