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Re: st: shell without waiting in unix batch mode?

From (Brendan Halpin)
Subject   Re: st: shell without waiting in unix batch mode?
Date   Thu, 21 Jun 2012 22:07:09 +0100

On Thu, Jun 21 2012, M Hollis wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm running some do-files on a unix server in batch mode. The server has
> multiple processors and so there are instances where I'd like to be able
> to have my do-file complete some initial data preparation tasks and then
> submit multiple jobs simultaneously (in parallel). In this particular
> case I'm submitting a job to R, using Amelia for MI, and the imputation
> takes quite a while to run. I'd like to run the imputation separately
> for men and women and it would be ideal to run the analysis in parallel
> by calling R twice, but I can't figure out how to use the shell command
> without having Stata wait for the process to complete before continuing.

I asked a similar question about four weeks ago, and came up blank. My
example had to do with time-consuming conversions of graph formats using
unix command-line tools, but the benefit of launching asynchronous
processes is clear.

I'm beginning to think there is no direct way to do this with Stata, but
I haven't given up hope of a workaround (perhaps submit the job to the
"at" queue with a time of "now"?).


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