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st: estout2 and latex tables

From   Chris Hajzler <>
Subject   st: estout2 and latex tables
Date   Mon, 28 May 2012 18:39:52 +1200


I am using Stata IC 10.0 for macintosh, and have been looking for a
way to export a series of regression model results directly to a
single latex table.  I've traditionally imported from ASCII to excel,
formatted the tables there, and used excel2latex to convert the tables
to latex.  However, this is a time consuming process (particularly
with repect to dealing with bracketted standard error terms) and it
would save a lot of hassle if I could generate latex tables directly.

I've tried using both the estout and outreg2 routines, but neither
seem to work.  Specifically, the "tex" option does not seem to ever do
anything, and I end up with a txt file with tab delimiters (instead of
'&' delimiters) and no line breaks.  (Since I am estimating multiple
models, in the case of outreg2 I have added the "tex" option after the
last regression, which I take to be the meaning for the following help
file instructions: "outreg2 cannot append TeX format tables to one
another, so regressions must be appended in ASCII form until the last
regression, which is appended with the tex option.")

My code is essentially as follows:

regress y x if z==1
outreg2 x using myfile, stats(coef se) replace

regress y x if z==2
outreg2 x using myfile, stats(coef se) append

regress y x if z==3
outreg2 x using myfile, stats(coef se) tex append

(I have also tried this using the tex option within each outreg2
command.)  But the resulting "myfile" just contains tab delimited
output.  Trying estout I run into the same problem.

Is anyone able to confirm that these routines are able to generate
tables that can be imported directly into latex with Stata 10?  And if
so, is there anything wrong in what I am doing?  Any suggestions or
recommended reading is greatly appreciated.

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