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st: Hosmer-Lemeshow and other Pseudo Rsquares

From   Joseph Padgett <>
Subject   st: Hosmer-Lemeshow and other Pseudo Rsquares
Date   Mon, 14 May 2012 09:47:42 -0400

I am working with a data set where students are nested within school.

I have completed a thorough run of models starting with nulls and
ending with full fixed- and random-effects with all controls and
predictors and several models in between with various combinations of
controls.  My dependent variable is a binary outcome.

I have Haussman tests, LR tests, and Wald taken care of, but I would
like to report some goodness-of-fit results for my models.  I am aware
of the Hosmer-Lemeshow test statistic and it's interpretation, but I'm
having a difficult time finding out how to compute it from my model
results.  I would also like to consider alternatives such as Cox and

I have run my models with each of xtlogit, xtmelogit, and gllamm.  I
did this mostly to be able to learn a bit about the post estimation
commands and different options with each command.  That being said, I
don't know how to get the pseudo Rsquare measures after any of these
and most explanations that I find refer only to the logit command and
give examples using very simplistic models.

I'm fairly certain there's something terribly obvious that I'm
overlooking.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

- JP
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