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Re: st: which -cmp- option to use for poisson model with count data?

From   Austin Nichols <>
Subject   Re: st: which -cmp- option to use for poisson model with count data?
Date   Mon, 30 Apr 2012 11:26:39 -0400

Laura R. <>:
The problem description sounds entirely wrong.  If the outcome must be
positive, then a zero in the data represents an unknown value and
should be replaced by a missing value, or multiply imputed.  If there
is truncation, it must be above 5, or does 5 represent any number
above 4, i.e. data is censored at 5 via topcoding?  These distinctions
are very important in describing the data you wish to analyze.
Censoring and truncation are not the same thing.

On Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 10:54 AM, Stas Kolenikov <> wrote:
> You could try to harness -gllamm- to do it. You could still use -cmp-
> as a crude working model approximation, being aware that an ordinal
> regression is a poor substitute for Poisson model. (Not that I
> disagree with David, the respected author of -cmp-, but it does look
> tempting to run it this way).
> On Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 9:32 AM, Laura R. <> wrote:
>> Dear David,
>> I have a dependent count variable ranging from 0 to 5. It's a pity
>> that this cannot be estimated with -cmp-.
>> Does anyone know a similar model with a two-equation-system where one
>> is poisson regression (for count data), the other one is probit?
>> Laura
>> 2012/4/30 David Roodman ( <>:
>>> Laura, I'm afraid cmp is probably not appropriate. Unless the counts are high, count data can't be realistically modeled as the outcome of a single underlying process consisting of a linear functional plus a normally distributed error.
>>> The truncated regression model is intended for the same kinds of outcomes as Stata's truncreg command--one's with a continuous but truncated outcome.
>>> --David
>>> ------------------
>>> From      "Laura R." <>
>>> To
>>> Subject   st: which -cmp- option to use for poisson model with count data?
>>> Date      Fri, 27 Apr 2012 20:16:46 +0200
>>>  Dear Stata users
>>> Can -cmp- be used with count data, which would normally be estimated
>>> using -poisson- in Stata? For example, the number of experts, ranging
>>> from 0 to 5 in the data (but theoretically limited to >0) .
>>> As this variable would be truncated (at 0, right truncated), I suppose
>>> I should use the option -indicator($cmp_trunc)- when using -cmp-?
>>> For example
>>> *---------------------------- Stata example begin---------------------
>>> cmp (experts=x1 x2 x3, trunc(0 .)), indicators($cmp_trunc)
>>> *------------------------- Stata example end------------------------
>>> would this be correct?
>>> Thank you very much for your consideration.
>>> Laura

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