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Re: st: new outreg and error code r(3499)

From   Richard Williams <>
Subject   Re: st: new outreg and error code r(3499)
Date   Fri, 06 Apr 2012 20:42:21 -0500

At 06:21 PM 4/6/2012, John Luke Gallup wrote:
I have gotten a couple of emails off of Statalist about this problem in the past day or two. It seems to be an incompatibility of mata libraries compiled under Stata 12.1 with previous versions of Stata. When I create the mata library, I use version control set for version 9.2, but it does not seem to do the trick. I am perplexed why the -outreg- package downloaded from works for Neil Meredith whereas the version on SSC, which should be identical, does not. The error message received by another user who contacted me was this:

(_CColJoin() in l_cfrmt, compiled by Stata 12.1, is too new to be run by this version of Stata and so was ignored)
              MakeSmat():  3499  _CColJoin() not found
             CalcStats():     -  function returned error
                 <istmt>:     -  function returned error

I have asked Stata Technical Support for help with this, but I would appreciate ideas from Statalisters as well.


I think Bill Gould explained this (or part of this) three years ago:

In a nutshell, version control doesn't work when it comes to Mata compilation. I think one solution is to actually do the compiling using Stata 9.2 (if you still have a copy anyway). My memory is vaguer on this, but I believe you can also just delete the compiled libraries and let Stata recreate them, at least if you have provided the original Mata code. I've never had to do this because I usually have the latest version of Stata, but maybe somebody else can provide the exact details.

I don't know why SSC and SJ would differ, unless the compilation was done with different versions of Stata.

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