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Re: st: wbopendata

From   Nick Cox <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: wbopendata
Date   Thu, 29 Mar 2012 10:14:27 +0100

-sysuse dir- is for listing example Stata datasets installed with
Stata, i.e. those that come with the purchased product. -world-d-
doesn't qualify.

-wbopendata- and -spmap- are user-written from SSC, as you are asked
to explain.


2012/3/29 Dr. Chuntao Li <[email protected]>:

>   I am new to the package wbopendata, can someone tell me why i cannot execuate the following code?
>    sysuse world-d, clear
>  i was trying to run the following example program, which can be find if you type "help wbopendata"
>        tempfile tmp
>        wbopendata, language(en - English) indicator(it.cel.sets.p2) long clear latest
>        sort countrycode
>        save `tmp', replace
>        sysuse world-d, clear
>        merge countrycode using `tmp'
>        sum year
>        local avg = string(`r(mean)',"%16.1f")
>        spmap  it_cel_sets_p2 using "world-c.dta", id(_id)                                  ///
>                clnumber(20) fcolor(Reds2) ocolor(none ..)                                  ///
>                title("Mobile cellular subscriptions (per 100 people)", size(*1.2))         ///
>                legstyle(3) legend(ring(1) position(3))                                     ///
>                note("Source: World Development Indicators (latest available year: `avg') in ///
>                Azevedo, J.P. (2011) wbopendata: Stata module to " "access World Bank databases, ///
>                Statistical Software Components S457234 Boston College Department of Economics.", size(*.7))
> by execuate "sysuse dir", we find the following system data files:
>  auto.dta        cancer.dta      educ99gdp.dta   network1a.dta   sandstone.dta   tsline2.dta     xtline1.dta
>  autornd.dta     census.dta      gnp96.dta       nlsw88.dta      sp500.dta       uslifeexp.dta
>  bplong.dta      citytemp.dta    lifeexp.dta     nlswide1.dta    surface.dta     uslifeexp2.dta
>  bpwide.dta      citytemp4.dta   network1.dta    pop2000.dta     tsline1.dta     voter.dta
> There is no such a file named "world-d.dta", but why?

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