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st: Error in function evaluator programs with nl

From   Guillaume Daudin <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Error in function evaluator programs with nl
Date   Wed, 28 Mar 2012 18:32:07 +0200

Dear stata list users,

I do not seem to be able to create a function evaluator program. I suppose I am missing something obvious…

Here is the program :

capture program drop nltc_add
program nltc_add
version 11
	syntax varlist (min=4 max=4) if, at(name)
	local prix_trsp21       : word 1 of `varlist'
	local prix_fob1         : word 2 of `varlist'
	local dist1     		: word 3 of `varlist'
	local contig1 			: word 4 of `varlist'

	tempname rho_ice rho_add rho_conti rho_conta
	scalar `rho_ice'=`at'[1,1]
	scalar `rho_add'=`at'[1,2]
	scalar `rho_conti'=`at'[1,3]
	scalar `rho_conta'=`at'[1,4]
	replace `prix_trsp21'= `dist1'^`rho_ice'*`rhoconti'*`contig1'+`dist1'^`rho_add'*`rhoconta'*`contig1'/`prix_fob1' `if'  

But running : 

nl tc_add @ prix_trsp21 prix_fob1 dist1 contig1, parameters(rho_ice rho_add rho_conti rho_conta) initials(rho_ice 0.1 rho_add 0.3 rho_conti 0 rho_conta 0)

gives me a r(198) error:

nltc_add returned 198
verify that nltc_add is a function evaluator program

Thanks in advance for any help ! 


Guillaume Daudin

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