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RE: st: Stata equivalent of SAS code

From   Nick Cox <>
To   "''" <>
Subject   RE: st: Stata equivalent of SAS code
Date   Fri, 20 Jan 2012 15:47:38 +0000

Not what a learner wants to see, but others may be amused by 

. gen owner= cond(inlist(upper(trim(loc_other)), "", "0", "00", "NG", "NI"), "DO", "FO") 


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This should be the Stata code you want to use:

  . gen owner= "FO"  if !inlist(upper(trim(loc_other)), "", "0", "00", "NG", "NI")
  . replace owner= "DO"  if missing(owner)

You have to use the trim() function in case loc_other is just 1 or more blank
spaces. The inlist() function is limited to no more than 9 values and 1 variable
when testing a string variable.

Since you are more used to SAS, check out my "SAS Users Guide to Stata" webpage:

One of the pages has SAS code matched to the equivalent Stata code:

On 19 Jan 2012, at 13:07, tunmise jones <> wrote:

>      I am new to Stata and currently working with a large panel dataset of
>     firms over a period of 9 years. I want to analyse the data based on
>     the nationality of ownership. There are two ownership variables;
>     location (1 = domestic, 2= foreign) and location other (1= foreign, 2
>     =domestic). Different codes were used at different times over the
>     survey period to represent domestic ownership which creates some
>     inconsistencies.  Prior to a certain point in time in the data, the
>     "location" variable does not really work, "location_ other" is the
>     main ownership variable.  However, many companies enter 2 in the
>     location variable indicating foreign ownership but leave the
>     location_other variable blank making it hard to determine nationality
>     since the location variable is not very reliable in all the years.
>     I need a Stata equivalent of the the SAS code given below:
>     if location = '2' or upcase(loc_other)
>                             not in ('','0','00','NG','NI') then owner =
>     'FO';
>                     else owner = 'DO';
>     In the SAS code above "upcase(loc_oth)" makes character values upper
>     case. The code is designed in such a way that every company is
>     assigned a value of "owner", minimising the number of cases lost, i.e.
>     if a firm has entered 2 under "location", or has a value entered under
>      "location_other" and is not empty or has the various codes used to
>     denote domestic ownership, then it is foreign, otherwise it is
>     domestic. Where a company has not entered anything, then zero is
>     introduced automatically  and the above code forces such a company to
>     become domestic.
>     I have no idea how to replicate this in Stata, can anyone please help?

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