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st: Loading standard preferences in a lab setting

From   "Lacy,Michael" <>
To   "''" <>
Subject   st: Loading standard preferences in a lab setting
Date   Wed, 11 Jan 2012 21:01:41 +0000

I want to load a standard preference set on any user's invocation of Stata in a student lab setting, so that neophytes get a particular "look and feel." The lab machines are running Windows 7, with each machine having its own installation of Stata (Some are version 11, some are 12.)  I thought I could control colors, docking, windows, etc. with -window manage prefs load "StockPreferences", but apparently the named preference sets are stored per user, presumably in some Windows user-profile, so that *I *can save a named preference set that is visible to Stata at startup, but this set is apparently not visible to a later user's Stata, so that I can't just have the on each machine contain the -win manage etc.- command.  To be clear, this problem is not with things under the control of -set- commands, but only those things that can only (to my knowledge) be defined in a preference set.  I'd appreciate ideas for a way around this problem.  I guess a starting piece of u!
 seful information would just to know where Stata stores preference sets under Win 7.


Mike Lacy
Dept. of Sociology
Colorado State University
Fort Collins CO 

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