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Re: st: Reclink: high matching score, but no match

From   Devra Golbe <>
Subject   Re: st: Reclink: high matching score, but no match
Date   Wed, 28 Dec 2011 13:04:56 -0500


student_name is non-numeric. After some additional data cleaning and the resulting reduction of the set that needed a fuzzy match reclink succeeded with student_name as the idusing variable, so my original problem is solved.

But working with a smaller data set, I have an example where the non-numeric identifier and a numeric identifier fail, but a different numeric identifier succeeds. I'll send those data and the do-file to you off-list.

Thanks and happy new year.


On 12/28/2011 11:49 AM Michael Blasnik wrote:
It looks like this is a bug -- is student_name numeric?  If not, you
may want to try encoding it and trying again.  If that isn't the
problem, it might be best if you either send me the data or a trace
log off-list to see if i can figure it out, but I may not get a chance
to figure it out until after the holidays.


On Sat, Dec 24, 2011 at 4:10 PM, Devra Golbe<>  wrote:
I am using  Michael Blasnik's reclink (from SSC) to match records.  I get
extremely high matching scores, and yet the records do not match.  Can
anyone help?    My code and relevant output are pasted below.

Thanks and happy holidays,

. sort lname fname
  . gen idmaster=_n
  .tempfile ps1a
  .save `ps1a', replace
  . clear
  .use roster100f11Sep7.dta
  .sort lname fname
  .save, replace
  .use `ps1a'

  .reclink lname fname using roster100f11Sep7.dta, ///
   idmaster(idmaster) idusing(student_name) gen(link)

0 perfect matches found

Added: student_name= identifier from roster100f11Sep7.dta   link = matching
Observations:  Master N = 26    roster100f11Sep7.dta N= 182
  Unique Master Cases: matched = 0 (exact = 0), unmatched = 26

.list link _merge in 1/5, clean

         link   _merge
  1.   0.9933        1
  2.   0.9933        1
  3.        .        1
  4.   0.6420        1
  5.   0.9988        1

Devra Golbe
Professor of Economics
Hunter College, CUNY

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