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st: Re: How do I split my string variable by capital letters?

From   "Joseph Coveney" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Re: How do I split my string variable by capital letters?
Date   Thu, 24 Nov 2011 12:58:48 +0900

Elena Vidal wrote:

I'm having a bit of a problem splitting a string variable.

An example of the variable reads:
Early Stage

This corresponds to a single cell. That means: all 5 lines appear in 1 cell in
my data, and I want to split it up so that each line is a different variable. 

I've tried splitting it with this code:

split var12, gen(var12b)

but that didn't work. 

I'd appreciate the help trying to sort this out!


Are you saying that there are carriage-return/line-feed characters in the cell?
If so, then you can still use -split-.  You just need to specify the -parse()-
option.  See the illustration below.  I've seen this before when retrieving data
from prettified Excel workbooks.  

Before using -split-, you should double-check what you have in there that's
delimiting lines.  Sometimes it's only a line-feed character or a
carriage-return character, and not both.  An earlier thread this week (about the
perennial problem of ASCII character 160) contains recommendations that are
applicable to identifying nonprinting characters in your string variables.  Take
a look at that thread for how to determine what the line delimiter is in your

Joseph Coveney

. * Set up
. set obs 1
obs was 0, now 1

. input str54 var12

  1. "Startup/Seed?Early Stage?Expansion?Expansion?Expansion"

. replace var12 = subinstr(var12, "?", "`=char(13)'`=char(10)'", .)
var12 was str54 now str58
(1 real change made)

. tempfile tmpfil0

. outsheet using "`tmpfil0'", names quote

. * Looks like this
. type "`tmpfil0'"
Early Stage

. * Solution
. split var12, generate(var12b) parse("`=char(13)'`=char(10)'")
variables created as string: 
var12b1  var12b2  var12b3  var12b4  var12b5

. list var12b?

     |      var12b1       var12b2     var12b3     var12b4     var12b5 |
  1. | Startup/Seed   Early Stage   Expansion   Expansion   Expansion |

. exit

end of do-file

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