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st: prvalue and loop rest(grmean)

From   Tobias Schlager <>
Subject   st: prvalue and loop rest(grmean)
Date   Thu, 27 Oct 2011 11:50:03 +0200

Dear List, 

I have a question regarding following problem, it would be amazing if 
anybody knows a solution. 

I am using prvalue to estimate the difference in the probability between 2 

situations. However, the function is nonlinear (cubic) and I implemented a 

loop to do that. 
My problem now is that rest(grmean) is not working with the loop, does 
anybody know by any chance a work-around? 

Here is what I tried so far by hand: 

logit y z x v w a b b^2 b^3 c c^2 c^3, robust
matrix brisk_1 = J(11,4,.)
matrix colnames brisk_1 = x dc1 dc1LB dc1UB
prvalue, x(a=0 b=-5 b^2=25 b^3 =-125) rest(grmean) save label(single)
prvalue, x(a=1 b=-5 b^2=25 b^3=-125) rest(grmean) diff label(multiple)
matrix brisk_1[1,1] = -5
matrix brisk_1[1,2] = pepred[6,2]
matrix brisk_1[1,3] = pelower[6,2]
matrix brisk_1[1,4] = peupper[6,2]
prvalue, x(a=0 b=-4 b^2=16 b^3=-64) rest(grmean) save label(single)
prvalue, x(a=1 b=-4 b^2=16 b^3=-64) rest(grmean) diff label(multiple)
matrix brisk_1[2,1] = -4
matrix brisk_1[2,2] = pepred[6,2]
matrix brisk_1[2,3] = pelower[6,2]
matrix brisk_1[2,4] = peupper[6,2]
prvalue, x(a=0 b=-3 b^2=9 b^3=-27) rest(grmean) save label(single)
prvalue, x(a=1 b=-3 b^2=9 b^3=-27) rest(grmean) diff label(multiple)
matrix brisk_1[3,1] = -3
matrix brisk_1[3,2] = pepred[6,2]
matrix brisk_1[3,3] = pelower[6,2]
matrix brisk_1[3,4] = peupper[6,2]

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