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Re: st: axis bar starting from 0 on graph (not the label) (Out of office)

From   "Sarah Tougher" <>
To   "lreine ycenna" <>, <>
Subject   Re: st: axis bar starting from 0 on graph (not the label) (Out of office)
Date   Thu, 20 Oct 2011 10:40:53 +0100

I am out of the office until November 7th. I have intermittent access to email, but will try to return your message as soon as possible. 

>>> lreine ycenna <> 10/20/11 10:39 >>>

OK thanks. Do you happen to know why sometimes the straight line  in
the inner region of the graph is not as straight as it should be?

On 20 October 2011 09:15, Nick Cox <> wrote:
> Yes and no. You can always add a line at y = 0 by -yline()- and make
> that as emphatic as you like by varying its width and colour.
> Making this a light line and the background a little darker can work
> as well as making this a dark line against a light background.
> You would have to fight Stata every stop of the way if you wanted to
> move axis labels, ticks and titles. You'd need to re-create your own.
> Stata's bias is that although people do sometimes want axes running
> through the graph, they usually end up very messy, so it won't play
> willingly. Most statistical software seems to have moved away from the
> conventions that the axes must be the lines y = 0, x = 0 as high
> school algebra insists and to separate out the functions of titling,
> labelling and ticking from showing where the zero lines are.
> That does not rule out something clever with the Editor or Stata's
> class language, except that I don't know what it is.
> If you have access to MS Excel, what you want is I think the default
> any way, as is all too evident from work I often see. The essence of
> the problem is that if data points or line can be negatives they often
> collide with axis stuff.
> See also
> There have been postings on this in the past, but I didn't find them
> on a quick search of the archives.
> Nick
> On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 6:11 AM, lreine ycenna <> wrote:
>> HI,
>> Is it possible to have the axis line start from where 0 is on the
>> y-axis? (I'm not talking about labeling my x-axis from 0, but the
>> x-axis bar) i.e. I have both positive and negative values on my y-axis
>> and currently the x-xaxis bar starts from the very bottom end of my
>> y-axis which is negative. Here's the command I use.
>> xtreg Y A B AxB, fe
>> generate income=((_n-1)/10)
>> matrix b=e(b)
>> matrix V=e(V)
>> scalar b1=b[1,1]
>> scalar b2=b[1,2]
>> scalar b3=b[1,3]
>> scalar varb1=V[1,1]
>> scalar varb2=V[2,2]
>> scalar varb3=V[3,3]
>> scalar covb1b3=V[1,3]
>> scalar covb2b3=V[2,3]
>> scalar list b1 b2 b3 varb1 varb2 varb3 covb1b3 covb2b3
>> gen lab=b1+b3*income
>> gen conse=sqrt(varb1+varb3*(income^2)+2*covb1b3*income)
>> gen a=1.96*conse
>> gen upper=conb+a
>> gen lower=conb-a
>> graph twoway  (line lab income, clwidth(medium) clcolor(blue) clcolor(black))
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