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st: [Stata 12] can't insert braces and other special characters

From   Dirk Enzmann <>
Subject   st: [Stata 12] can't insert braces and other special characters
Date   Sat, 30 Jul 2011 11:50:08 +0200

Trying to use Stata 12 I can't insert a brace or other special characters into the command line or in the do-file editor such as "squared brackets" ( "{", "[", "]", "²" ).

Instead of inserting the respective character Stata opens the help window (when using { ), the data editor (when using [ ), a new do-file (when using ] ) or does nothing (when using ² ). One should note that I use a German keyboard where all these characters are produced by pressing the key-combination <ALT-GR>-<number>, such as:

<ALT GR>-<7> : {
<ALT GR>-<8> : [
<ALT GR>-<9> : ]
<ALT GR>-<2> : ²

It is nice that Stata allows to open the do-file editor, the data editor, or the help window with only one key-stroke, but how do I change the behavior back to "normal" so that I can enter the characters into the command line or the do-file editor?


Stata: Version 12.0 (Revision 26-Jul-2011)
Operating system: Windows 7
Keyboard layout: German

Dr. Dirk Enzmann
Institute of Criminal Sciences
Dept. of Criminology
Rothenbaumchaussee 33
D-20148 Hamburg

phone: +49-(0)40-42838.7498 (office)
       +49-(0)40-42838.4591 (Mrs Billon)
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