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Re: st: Working with pgmhaz8

To   "" <>
Subject   Re: st: Working with pgmhaz8
Date   Tue, 26 Jul 2011 18:43:40 +0300

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your help. I did -adopath- and found that the personal directory is c:/ado/personal. Copied the files to this directory. But I got the following error:

unrecognized command: From 
(error occurred while loading pgmhaz8.ado.ado)  

I don't know if this is the reason but the files name were not as you mentioned. They were named as


I have renamed the first two as you suggested:


and placed them at c:\ado\personal. I got the error mentioned above. Do you think the problem has to do with the rename?

I can open and see the content of the ado files after the rename. So why does it not work?

Is there any manipulation that I can do to overcome the problem? 

I have seen that these original ado files exist on the web but I can't copy them at the moment.

Thanks a lot!

On 26 Jul 2011, at 18:15, Nick Cox <> wrote:

> -pgmhaz8- is a user-written program from SSC. You will need three files,
>  pgmhaz8.ado
>  pgmhaz8_ll.ado
>  pgmhaz8.hlp
> which you should copy to the p subdirectory of whatever -adopath-
> identifies as PERSONAL. For example, on the ancient computer I am
> using at this moment the results of typing -adopath- are
> . adopath
>  [1]  (UPDATES)   "C:\Program Files\Stata10\ado\updates/"
>  [2]  (BASE)      "C:\Program Files\Stata10\ado\base/"
>  [3]  (SITE)      "C:\Program Files\Stata10\ado\site/"
>  [4]              "."
>  [5]  (PERSONAL)  "c:\ado\personal/"
>  [6]  (PLUS)      "c:\ado\plus/"
>  [7]  (OLDPLACE)  "c:\ado/"
> so that in your situation I would need to install the -pgmhaz8- files
> in c:\ado\personal\p.
> Note that the .mht extension that has stuck to your files like dirt to
> a shoe should be removed.
> Nick
> On Tue, Jul 26, 2011 at 3:33 PM,  <> wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I have stata 9 and want to work with pgmhaz8. My computer is not connected to the Internet so I can't run the ssc install pgmhaz8 command to install the programme. In order to overcome the problem I have copied two files related to the programme: pgmhaz8_ado.mht and pgmhaz8_||_ado.mht and want to place them in the stata directory so that I can work with pgmhaz. My question is where should I place these files in the stata directory? Or is there any other solution to my problem? I work in an environment where a connection to the Internet is forbidden.
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