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st: reshape "variable not found in using data" error (Stata 10.1)

From   Leandro Brufman <>
Subject   st: reshape "variable not found in using data" error (Stata 10.1)
Date   Tue, 19 Jul 2011 23:33:45 -0400

I've seen a few threads of similar mistakes that suggest updating.
Still, I couldn't make this reshape to work. Below you'll see the code
with the output.
I sequentially describe the dataset, show which variables are the ID,
try to do the reshape (and get the error), check the version and the
update query.

Anyone help??
Many thanks in advance...

. describe

Contains data
  obs:     1,692,572
 vars:            10
 size:   340,206,972 (75.0% of memory free)
              storage  display     value
variable name   type   format      label      variable label
company_name    str20  %20s
year            int    %9.0g
type            str6   %9s                    Type
wc06035         str9   %9s                    WC06035
wc06001         str65  %65s                   WC06001
wc06026         str15  %15s                   WC06026
generalindust~o str4   %9s                    GENERAL INDUSTRY CLASSIFICATIO
company_4merge  str65  %65s
value           long   %10.0g
datatype_code   str7   %9s
Sorted by:  company_name
     Note:  dataset has changed since last saved

. isid company_name datatype_code year

. reshape wide value, i(company_name datatype_code year) j(datatype_code) string
(note: j = WC01001 WC01051 WC01100 WC01101 WC01151 WC01249 WC01250
WC01551 WC01651 WC01706 WC02001 WC02051 WC02101
> WC02201 WC02501 WC02999 WC03040 WC03051 WC03101 WC03251 WC03351 WC03501 WC03999 WC04148 WC04201 WC04251 WC04551 W
> C04601 WC04860 WC08001 WC18191 WC18198)
variable datatype_code not found in using data

. version
version 10.1

. update query

Stata executable
    folder:               G:\stata10se\
    name of file:         wsestata.exe
    currently installed:  10 Jun 2010
    latest available:     10 Jun 2010

Ado-file updates
    folder:               G:\stata10se\ado\updates\
    names of files:       (various)
    currently installed:  10 Jun 2010
    latest available:     10 Jun 2010

Utilities updates
    folder:               G:\stata10se\utilities
    names of files:       (various)
    currently installed:  18 Aug 2009
    latest available:     18 Aug 2009

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