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st: Credible interval of median odds ratio (MOR)

From   Dirk Enzmann <>
Subject   st: Credible interval of median odds ratio (MOR)
Date   Thu, 12 May 2011 23:52:52 +0200

The following referenced article by Merlo et al. (2006) shows (eq. 6, p. 294) how to calculate the median odds ratio (MOR) as a measure of heterogeneity in logistic multilevel regression models (as an alternative to the ICC) (how to calculate this is shown even better in Rabe-Hesketh & Skrondal, 2008, p. 257).

Merlo et al. go on and calculate the "95% credible interval" around the MOR (p. 294). Lars Kroll's ado -xtmrho- (SSC) calculates the MOR in Stata.

Does anybody know whether there is already a solution to calculate "95% credible interval" of the MOR in Stata, too? Or, how to do using ereturns of a multilevel logistic regression model (either using -xtmelogit- or -gllamm-)?

- Merlo, J., Chaix, B., Ohlsson, H., Beckman, A., Johnell, K., Hjerpe, P., et al. (2006). A brief conceptual tutorial of multilevel analysis in social epidemiology: using measures of clustering in multilevel logistic regression to investigate contextual phenomena. Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, 60(4), 290–297. - Rabe-Hesketh, S. & Skrondal, A. (2008). Multilevel and Longitudinal Modeling Using Stata. College Station, TX: Stata Press.

Thanks in advance,

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