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Re: st: Inserting Stata output in Beamer presentation

From   Nick Cox <>
Subject   Re: st: Inserting Stata output in Beamer presentation
Date   Thu, 28 Apr 2011 00:03:21 +0100

The expertise and ingenuity shown in producing these tables is remarkable.

No doubt for many people "this is what we do in my tribe", and perhaps
there is an expectation that any one in the audience seriously
interested will get a copy of the .pdf or -- shock, horror -- .ppt to
study the tables in their own time, including all the stars and
decimal places.

But this is not what we do in _my_ tribe. We primitive, we draw
pictures on cave walls, we show graphs to each other.

Perhaps one of the reasons people don't show graphs of model results
more is that the graphs on offer don't seem to be very appropriate or

Focusing on regression with a few predictors -- and I agree that if
your model has 20 or 200 or more predictors, this will be no use to
you -- I just revisited an old project.

SSC has a module -avplot2- from 2000 with my name on. The graphics are
oldstyle. (For some reason, one of the programs, -avplot2- itself, is
a Kit Baum hack of my original, but I don't recall the history.)
-avplot2- was a rejig of Stata's old -avplot- and -avplots- (before
Stata 8).

So, I did a quick rejig of recent versions and now have in my files
-favplots-. SSC has already -avplot2-, as above, -avplot3-,
-avplots4-, so the numbering trope seems already a bit overdone. The
extra "f" should be thought of as standing for formatted, although the
Austin Powers overtones to "fav" don't seem quite wrong.

-favplots- produces added variable plots in which b and t results are
in bigger font and more prominent and the graph axis titles are a bit
less cryptic than in -avplots-.

I will jiggle a bit more and ask Kit to post on SSC.

But anyone interested in this approach could already try out a
regression, follow with the official -avplots-, and then imagine the
graphs made a bit friendlier. If I can persuade one person today to
try that as an alternative to a multi-column, multi-digit display in
their talks, I will be happy.


Martial Foucault

>> I face some serious troubles to insert estimations tables into a Beamer presentation. Stata tables have been saved using tabout with .tex extension.
>> Now I try to display such results into a Beamer presentation. But it doesn’t work ! In fact, the table doesn’t fit at all with the scale of the document.
>> Is there a relevant procedure to save Stata results before inserting them into a Beamer presentation ? (Using tabout is fine for a Latex (standard) document).

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