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Re: st: convert yearly data into monthly and interpolate

From   D-Ta <>
Subject   Re: st: convert yearly data into monthly and interpolate
Date   Tue, 19 Apr 2011 12:31:28 +0200

I would still call it interpolation (to me, imputation is related to the filling of missing values for some units only). But I guess my point is clear anyway.

Moreover, seasonality patterns are not of importance for my approach, I really just want to know how to convert it to monthly format and interpolate over all month - preferably in a efficient way (!)

Am 19.04.2011 10:23, schrieb Nick Cox:
This is reminiscent of a question asked recently by Ben Ammar. See the
thread starting with

Perhaps terminology, or at least its use, varies between fields, but
your problem strikes me as one of imputation, not interpolation.  Any
way, it appears that there are various different ways to fudge this.
Which do you want? How do you propose to re-insert any seasonality
that has been lost?


On Tue, Apr 19, 2011 at 8:55 AM, D-Ta<>  wrote:
Dear List Users,

I have the following yearly data.

id      Label   alq2_2000       alq2_2001       alq2_2002
1       group1  19,3            19,8            18,2
2       group2  19,3            19,8            18,2
3       group3  30,1            24,5            22,9

the alq2_year variables measure group specific unemployment in a given year.
I would like to merge it with another data set which consists of monthly
data. Before converting my yearly data into a monthly format, I would like
to interpolate it such that i get monthly interpolated estimates of alq2. i
would appreciate if someone could help.

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