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st: reading all files in a directory

From   Daniel Marcelino <>
Subject   st: reading all files in a directory
Date   Fri, 15 Apr 2011 21:13:06 -0300

Dear all,

I've a problem to read thousands of CSV files. I used to do that using
R for what I wrote some loops. For teaching purpose I'm converting
these codes into Stata language, so I wondering if someone could drive
me to that.

setwd("/Users/DM/Data")                    [here I set the woking
directoryin Stata I do this cd "/Users/DM/Data"]
files = list.files(pattern = "csv$")          [here package scan for
every CSV file]
AC = c()                                             [here I create an
emptydata set to allocate all CSV files]
for ( x in files ) {                                  [here I read each file
found in working directory]
u = read.csv(x, header=T)                  [here in "u" I put every
read file "x"]
u$dataset = x
AC = rbind(AC, u)                             [finally, here I append every
read file to the `AC']
AC$state = c("AC")                          [and generate a flag to which set
of file it came from].

I just start writing a similar to Stata.

cd "/Users/DM/Data"
foreach x in files {
insheet using "/Users/DM/Downloads/v_2002.csv", delimiter(";")
gen state = "AC"


Daniel Marcelino

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