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[no subject]

As you say, other people on Statalist may have used this, but I don't
know that the author is a member, and if you can't get it to work you
may need to approach him.


On Fri, Apr 15, 2011 at 7:58 AM, J Taylor <> wrote:
> I am trying to use a user-written code, Matwrite, for converting Stata
> to Matlab.  Although it is user-written, I was hoping it would be
> frequently enough used by Stata listers to ask a question, as I have
> not been able to get it to work, and keep getting the error
> "unrecognized command"
> I am using Stata 11 on PC.  First, I verify once again that I have
> install Matwrite on computer.  I type in "ssc install matwrite,
> replace", and Stata shows the following:
> . ssc install matwrite, replace
> checking matwrite consistency and verifying not already installed...
> all files already exist and are up to date.
> Next, here is some toy code that I try to call matwrite:
> clear
> set obs 5000
> set seed 1234
> gen x = uniform()
> gen y = 2*x + invnormal(uniform())
> matwrite x y using c:\matlabfile, replace
> The last line yields the error: "unrecognized command."
> I am not sure why it says this.  If I just type matwrite, it tells me
> "using required", as 'using' is a required option for matwrite, so
> Stata seems to recognize matwrite somewhere on my computer.  In
> addition, an "unrecognized command" error is different from when you
> spell something incorrectly / you call something which is not
> installed.  For example, if I type "reg_ress" into Stata, I get the
> error "unrecognized command:  reg_ress".
> Does anyone know why I am receiving this error, and if so, how I might fix it?

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