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Re: st: Comparing two response variables

From   Richard Williams <>
Subject   Re: st: Comparing two response variables
Date   Mon, 28 Feb 2011 20:04:51 -0500

I too am not sure what "better" is, but my first impulse is to say that better = more reliable. Therefore, assuming you have the original 10 items, you might use the -alpha- command to see whether the 2 additional variables increase or decrease the overall reliability of the scale.

At 06:20 PM 2/28/2011, Debs Majumdar wrote:

I was asked this question today "Is there any way one can say one dependent
variable is better than the other for the following situation?"

Suppose, you have two response variables Y1 and Y2 on the same metric, one a composite of 8 items and the other with 10 items (same 8 items + 2 other). You
have two predictors (X1 and X2, say) and you run the following regressions:

 Y1 = a_0 + a_1*X1 + a_2*X2 + e1

 Y2 = b_0 + b_1*X1 + b_2*X2 + e2

Is there anyway to prove Y1 is a better measure for the trait we are measuring
when compared to Y2?

I don't have a clear cut answer for this. Is using `-sureg' appropriate for this
case? Any help is appreciated.

Thank you,


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