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st: -eststo- -esttab- and $ in LaTex code

From   Michael Crain <>
To   Statalist <>
Subject   st: -eststo- -esttab- and $ in LaTex code
Date   Wed, 23 Feb 2011 17:17:07 -0500

I am using Ben Jann's -estout- and, more specifically, its -esttab- command 
to create regression tables in LaTex format.

I haven't found a way within -esttab- to control dollar signs that are 
part of my table captions and variable label names so that the command produces
LaTex code with a backslash (\) preceding each $. Consequently, I am having
to manually type backslashes into the Tex code to get LaTex to compile.
Doing this once or twice is not burdensome but when I need to rerun the
Tex code several times as I tweak the -esttab- settings, it takes time.

For instance, in -esttab- I have a table caption of:
title(Test for different effects at \$2M, \$10M, and \$43M)

The Tex code produced by -esttab- does not have the backslashes in
this caption and, thus, LaTex will not run unless I manually type them into
the code.

In addition to captions, the same thing happens for variable label names.
For instance, I name a variable label "Total assets = \\$10M".
-esttab- does not produce a backslash before the dollar sign. Thus, I
am forced to manually type a backslash in front of that dollar sign
to get LaTex to compile.

Is there a way to get the backslashes before the dollar signs into 
the Tex code for table captions and variable label names using -esttab-?

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