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RE: st: strgroup

From   Nick Cox <>
To   "''" <>
Subject   RE: st: strgroup
Date   Mon, 21 Feb 2011 20:39:03 +0000

This answer presupposes that the original poster has a liking for using, MS Excel, which seems unnecessarily pessimistic. My suggestion is that instead of testing for equality you use -strpos()- and/or -subinstr()-. 


Liao, Junlin

I had the same experiences before. One thing to look for is spaces trailing at beginning or end of string. For this kind of situation, I would use Excel to run a pivot table to find out all necessary changes and use Excel to generate the codes. Then paste the codes to a do file. Everything get fixed instantly.

Emily Farchy

Thank you so much for your help. I am trying to match some badly spelled names.  They are all in the same variable, but over different periods.  In the end I tried to do it manually (see below) but even this doesn't seem to have worked and when I run it, for many of the obs it returns '0 changes made'  I copied and pasted from the cells so can't think that I have made a typo!

Any ideas?

*Badly named heads
replace off_name  = "Drs. Makmur Syahputra, Sh" if off_name=="H. Makmur Syah Putra, Sh, Mm"
replace off_name = "Drs. H. Risuddin" if off_name=="Risuddin"
replace off_name  = "Amru Helmy Daulay Sh" if off_name=="H Amru Helmy Daulay Sh"
replace off_name  = "Drs H Abdillah Se Ak Mba" if off_name=="Drs H Abdillah Se Ak. Mba"
replace off_name  = "Dr H Sutrisno Hadi Sp.Og" if off_name==" "
replace off_name  = "Drs Zulkarnain Nasution" if off_name=="Zulkarnain Nasution"
replace off_name  = "Kol Mar Dairus Apan" if off_name=="Kol Mar (Purn) Dairus Apan"
replace off_name  = "Kol Mar Dairus Apan" if off_name=="Darius Apan"
replace off_name  = "Drs H Syamsurizal" if off_name=="Drs H Syamsurial"
replace off_name  = "Drs Thamsir Rachman" if off_name=="Drs H Raja Tamsir Rahman"
replace off_name  = "T Azmun Jaafar Sh" if off_name=="H T Azmun Jafar"
replace off_name  = "H Arwin Sh" if off_name=="Arwin As Sh"
replace off_name  = "Drs Abdullah Hich" if off_name=="Drs H Abdullah .H"
replace off_name  = "Drs H A Madjid Mu'Az Mm" if off_name=="Drs H A. Madjid Mu'Az"| off_name=="Drs H A. Madjid Mu'Az Mm"
replace off_name  = "Dr H Zulfikar Achmad Se" if off_name=="Dr H Zulfikar Achmad"
replace off_name  = "Alex Noerdin" if off_name=="Ir H Alex Noerdin Sh."
replace off_name  = "Eddy Yusuf" if off_name=="Eddy Yusuf Sh Mm"
replace off_name  = "Drs Andi Ahmad Sampurna Jaya M Si." if off_name=="H Andy Achmad S Jaya. M.Si"
replace off_name  = "Drs Abdurachman Sarbini Sh" if off_name=="Abdurrachman Sarbini"
replace off_name  = "Drs Tatang Farhanul Hakim" if off_name=="Kol Inf H. Suliana Wirata Hadi Subrata"
replace off_name  = "Itoch Tohija" if off_name=="Ir H M. Itoc Tochija Mm"
replace off_name  = "Drs Djasri St Mm." if off_name=="Drs Djasri St.Mm"
replace off_name  = "Bambang Bintoro Se" if off_name=="H Bambang Bintoro Se"
replace off_name  = "Ir Basuki Widodo" if off_name=="Ir H Basuki Widodo"
replace off_name  = "Probo Yulastoro" if off_name=="H Probo Yulastoro S Sos Mm"
replace off_name  = "Hendro Martojo" if off_name=="Drs Hendro Martojo Mm"
replace off_name  = "Dra Rustriningsih" if off_name=="Dra Hj Rustriningsih"
replace off_name  = "Hendy Boendoro Sh" if off_name=="H Hendy Boendoro Sh M Si"
replace off_name  = "Tasiman" if off_name=="H Tasiman S H."
replace off_name  = "H M Machroes Sh." if off_name=="H M Machroes S.H"
replace off_name  = "Drs Triono Budi Sasongko M Si" if off_name=="Drs Triyono Budi Sasongko"
replace off_name  = "Ir Bambang Guritno" if off_name=="H Bambang Guritno"

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