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st: Loop question II

From   Alberto R Osella <>
To   "" <>
Subject   st: Loop question II
Date   Wed, 09 Feb 2011 08:43:59 +0100

Dear Stata listers,
I'm trying to run this loop:
foreach lr of local F1_5R_SES F1_5R_EST F2_5R_SES F2_5R_EST F3_5R_SES F3_5R_EST F4_5R_SES F4_5R_EST F1_5B_SES F1_5B_EST F2_5B_SES F2_5B_EST F3_5B_SES F3_5B_EST /// F4_5B_SES F4_5B_EST F1_4R_SES F1_4R_EST F2_4R_SES F2_4R_EST F3_4R_SES F3_4R_EST F4_4R_SES F4_4R_EST F1_4B_SES F1_4B_EST F2_4B_SES F2_4B_EST /// F3_4B_SES F3_4B_EST F4_4B_SES F4_4B_EST F1_3R_SES F1_3R_EST F2_3R_SES F2_3R_EST F3_3R_SES F3_3R_EST F4_3R_SES F4_3R_EST F1_3B_SES F1_3B_EST /// F2_3B_SES F2_3B_EST F3_3B_SES F3_3B_EST F4_3B_SES F4_3B_EST All_Factors_5R_SES All_Factors_5R_EST All_Factors_5B_SES All_Factors_5B_EST /// All_Factors_4R_SES All_Factors_4R_EST All_Factors_4B_SES All_Factors_4B_EST All_Factors_3R_SES All_Factors_3R_EST All_Factors_3R_SES All_Factors_3B_EST {
                     logistic caso_ctrol0 `lr'
where any of the name of local are local previously defined.
Stata tells me:
  3.                                          }
{ required

end of do-file
I'm using Stata11.1 on Windows 7.
Can anyone help me?
Thank you

Alberto R. Osella, MD, PhD
Laboratorio di Epidemiologia e Biostatistica
IRCCS Saverio de Bellis
Via Turi, 27
70013 Castellana Grotte (BA)
Tel:    +39 0804994655
Fax:    +39 0804994650

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