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st: question on perfect prediction with -ice-

From   "Laura R." <>
Subject   st: question on perfect prediction with -ice-
Date   Fri, 17 Dec 2010 13:57:24 +0100

Dear Stata users,

I am currently experimenting with -ice- to impute a variable. I get
the error message

perfect prediction detected, using auglogit to impute var_x

My first question is: How can I stop the process, because I receive
many of these messages and -q- / -quit- command cannot interrupt it.

My second question is, how to deal with the perfect prediction. I came
up with 3 possible solutions, but I am hesitant on which would lead to
the best results:

1. force -ice- to impute the variables with auglogit by inserting the
option cmd(var_x:auglogit) in the -ice- command

2. reduce the independent variables for the imputation to only those
that are not predicted perfectly

3. bootstrap other independent variables and use these to predict var_x:

ice ...
eq(var_x: var_y1 var_y2)
boot(var_y1 vary2)

Best Regards

PS: another one on -ice-: in the dataset created by -ice-, the
variable created by this process called _mj equals one if the
dependent (first) variable is imputed, right?
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